Yvonne Thomas Cert Ed. SpLd - Literacy/Numeracy, ADD/ADHD Coach Location: Maidenhead, Berkshire.
Yvonne ThomasCert Ed. SpLd - Literacy/Numeracy, ADD/ADHD CoachLocation:  Maidenhead, Berkshire. 

Intensive Holiday Courses

I will be running intensive courses to touch type , improve spellings , reading confidence and self-esteem.


Students will attend two hours or three hours daily during the week. At the end of the one week course , students will have mastered correct fingering, without looking at the keyboard and be able to type with their hands covered. Help with spellings will be given where needed.


YVONNE THOMAS Cert Ed, SpLd, Literacy/Numeracy, ADD/ADHD Coach.

Phone : 07929 528642


Email  : yvonne@dttts.co.uk


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