• Skill for life with fluent typing based on correct finger patterns and developed muscle memory.
  • Qualified tutor supports a breadth of learning styles as students learn new spelling rules and techniques.
  • Flexible course to allow students to learn at their own pace.
  • Improved confidence in reading, spelling and creative expression.
  • Reduces pressure on school work where handwriting or processing skills are slow.
  • Wider vocabulary and improved skills in decoding new words.
  • Students with statements and slow processing/handwriting have been allowed to use typing skills in exams, giving them an opportunity to reach their potential and improved results.
  • Students with ADHD, dyspraxia, autism and other neurological differences benefit from the programme and my teaching methods.
  • Improved concentration, focus, self-esteem and independence in learning, attending these classes.
  • Proven software driven by research and a structured approach (Orton Gillingham)
    • ​Modular design with which reinforces understanding of spelling rules
    • Short module length providing regular feedback to the student
    • Structured levels which encourages student to progress and monitors accuracy and speed to help reinforce learning
    • Multi sensory approach hearing and seeing words as well as  seeing and feeling correct finger positions
    • Structured vocabularly based on most used words and Key Stage word lists for different subjects such as sciences 
    • Groups of words introduced by onset,vowel blend or last constanant to teach phonics in context

YVONNE THOMAS Cert Ed, SpLd Level 5, Literacy/Numeracy, ADD/ADHD Coach.

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