Touch Typing, spelling - weekly Classes - MAIDENHEAD BERKSHIRE

Tuesday / Wedensday during termtime

Computers are part of our everyday life and are increasingly relied on within schools and for homework. Touch typing taught correctly can save hours of time especially when planning and writing information.

My classes are specifically designed to provide students, where necessary, with spelling and reading strategies.  As part of my weekly courses, I teach spelling rules and reading strategies.  I use working memory, phonological awareness techniques to help students consolidate their learning. Students benefit from eye tracking exercises as part of the course.


  • Skill for life with fluent typing based on correct finger patterns and developed muscle memory.
  • Qualified tutor supports a breadth of learning styles as students learn new spelling rules and techniques.
  • Flexible course to allow students to learn at their own pace.
  • Improved confidence in reading, spelling and creative expression.
  • Reduces pressure on school work where handwriting or processing skills are slow.
  • Wider vocabulary and improved skills in decoding new words.
  • Students with statements and slow processing/handwriting have been allowed to use typing skills in exams, giving them an opportunity to reach their potential and improved results.
  • Students with ADHD, dyspraxia, autism and other neurological differences benefit from the programme and my teaching methods.
  • Improved concentration, focus, self-esteem and independence in learning through attending these classes.


am mainly using  TTRS ( Touch type Read and Spell ) . This is a multisensory programme that teaches touch typing whilst at the same time reinforcing reading and spelling skills. The programme uses a structured vocabulary and sequence of typing tasks based on the book Alpha to Omega written by Beve Hornsby. I am qualified and have many years of experience teaching the spelling rules from this book.

Daily after school lessons are held during term time. Students come along for one hour weekly.and have a login in to use the programme at home for homework.  I will monitor thier homework remotely.  

Contact me for further details ( 07929528642):  and will include online usage at home.



I also run holiday and short courses.  Please see the relevant section.


YVONNE THOMAS Cert Ed, SpLd Level 5, Literacy/Numeracy, ADD/ADHD Coach.

Phone : 07929 528642


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